PhD supervision

PhD Projects supervised by Prof. Huib Ernste

Name (date of PhD graduation) Daily Supervisor (Working) Title
Anke Strüver (2004) Huib Ernste Stories of the ‘Boring Border’: The Dutch-German Borderscape in people’s minds.
Nicole Ehlers (2007) Henk v. Houtum &
Martin van der Velde
The binational city Eurode: The social legitimacy of a border-crossing town.
Enza Lissandrello (2005) Olivier Kramsch The Utopia of Cross-Border Regions. Territorial transformation and cross-border governance. On Espace Mont-Blanc
Pieter de Bruijn (2010) Arnoud Lagendijk The Spatial Industrial Organization of Innovation
Wijanto Hadipuro (2012) Ton van Naerssen Water Supply and Urban Livelihoods. A case study in Semarang-Indonesia (together with Prof.  Yohanes Budi Widianarko)
Marlies Meijer (2018) Stefan Dormans Planning Practices, Informality and Depopulation (together with Prof. Erwin van der Krabben)
Oely Sidabalok (2023) Martin van der Velde & Ton van Naerssen Residential Solid Waste Management in Semarang: The Question of Geographical Environmental Justice
Benny Setianto (2021) Ton van Naerssen Civil Society Governance: The role of civil society in shaping environmental governance in Semarang (together with Prof.  Bas Arts)
Joren Jacobs Henk v. Houtum &
Martin van der Velde
Reconfiguring the Border in Cross-Border Spatial Planning Practice (on the brink of finishing)
Maja Rocak (2020) Gert-Jan Hospers Urban Shrinkage and Social Capital in the Digitalised World. A study of the impact of urban shrinkage on social capital and the role of digital media (together with Prof. Gert-Jan Hospers)
Lydia Sitohang (2021) Lothar Smith & Martin van der Velde Cross-border Interaction in the Context of Development in the Indonesian-Malaysian Border Region: Garuda is in my chest Malaysia ringgit is in my stomach
Lica Putranti Lothar Smith New Indonesian Frontiers (working title)
Janneke Rutgers (2022) Gert-Jan Hospers & Tamara Metze From Panacea to Paradox: The internal dynamics of regional cooperation in Dutch demographically shrinking regions (together with Prof.  Gert-Jan Hospers)
Ainul Fajri Martin van der Velde &
Lothar Smith
The Rohingya in Indonesia: Between statelessness and claims for refugee status
Kolar Aparna (2020) Joris Schapendonk Enacting Asylum University. Politics of research encounters and (re)producing borders in asylum relations
Emiel Maliepaard (2018) Roos Pijpers Geographies of Bisexuality
Freek de Haan (2022, Cum Laude) Rianne van Melik Counter-actualizing Gentrification: A study of problems and practices of displacement in Arnhem, Vienna and Istanbul (together with Prof. Arnoud Lagendijk)
Henk Willems (2023) Olivier Kramsch Why did the Mondragon co-ops degenerate (or not)? Theorizing the Mondragon cooperative experience beyond the ‘degeneration thesis’
Piet Severijnen Huib Ernste Sound Cities (working title)
Vanessa Jansen-Meinen (2022) Huib Ernste Steering Sustainable Events Performance: Towards a more balanced assessment of sustainable association events
Mohamed Munas Lothar Smith “Reconnections”: Complexities of diaspora engagement in post-war Sri Lanka
Federico Alagna (2020) Martin van der Velde &
Joris Schapendonk
Differently Integrated: European and national policies to fight the smuggling of migrants
Hanna Carlsson (2022, Cum Laude) Rianne van Melik &
Roos Pijpers
Caring for Older Migrants in Dutch Cities. A study of responsiveness to diversity in aged care practices in times of post-multiculturalism and localism
Iris Poelen Lothar Smith & Jana Výrašteková Emerging Divides? Encounters of refugees and host communities in a glocal world
José Muller Pascal Beckers  Influence of Positive Psychology on the Integration of Refugees
Mirjam Wajsberg Joris Schapendonk Moving beyond legality: Nigerian and Afghan migrants navigating semi-legality and mobility in the EU
Emil van Eck Rianne van Melik & Joris Schapendonk Moving Market Places: Following the Everyday Production of Inclusive Public Spaces
Veronica Pastorino Huib Ernste New Generations Doing Space: When local practices challenge national identities.
A new conception of spatial citizenship (together with dr Alice Mattoni)
Dawit Tesfay Haile Joris Schapendonk Investigating the genealogy of contrasting construction of the ‘good migrant’ (together with Prof.  Toon van Meijl)
Jamea Kofi Rianne van Melik & Friederike Landau Infrastructuring the Social: Public libraries and their transformative capacity in austerity urbanism